The Unity Club is a non-profit organization that provides facilities for Twelve Step Programs.  We provide the space, heating, air conditioning, restrooms, insurance, coffee and snacks for use by anyone attending meetings. Although we govern ourselves in accordance with the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions – we do accept outside contributions.   As a matter of fact we are 100% dependent on the donations from each meeting and from the generous donations of our members.  The clubs revenues essentially come from the following sources:

Revenue Sources

We need more members!   Membership in the Unity Club can be your way of engaging in service work.   You would be practicing the 12 steps by helping to carry the message to others in recovery and freely giving back some of what you has been freely given. 

Membership dues are $120.00 per year – or just $10.00 a month.   We encourage you to join today.   All dues are tax deductible and you will receive a letter thanking you for your membership which can also be used for tax purposes.  In addition, members will be emailed the monthly newsletter and are encouraged to attend the annual meeting. 

Complete or download the following form and submit it as soon as possible - click here to download the Membership Form.   Fees can be submitted as cash, check or credit card or recurring monthly payments. 

We welcome you to become a member of the Unity Club.