Falls Church, Virginia

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Who We Are

The Unity Club of Falls Church, Virginia is a meeting place for members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other recovery fellowships, based on the 12-steps of AA.  It is a safe, secure, and supportive environment, creating a sanctuary for the newly recovering alcoholic and addict.   It is a place of hope.


  • To offer a loving, accepting atmosphere where fellow alcoholics and addicts serve as “surrogate family” for the isolated and lonely persons seeking recovery.

  • To operate a meeting place where leaders, visitors, members, trusted servants and administrators are governed in the spirit of the 12- steps and the 12- traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • To participate with Falls Church and other area substance-abuse treatment centers, to provide a reliable facility to introduce patients and clients to the long-term sobriety techniques that are embodied in the 12-step program.

  • To operate as a non-profit corporation in conformity with the laws and regulations of the US IRS and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Service to the Community

The Unity Club depends entirely on the generosity of its members, sponsors and meeting participants.  Donations are appreciated in any and all amounts.  With everyone’s help – we are able to keep the lights on and the doors open to support more than120 meetings, and over 2,500 people weekly.

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